So I was installing Magento locally under WAMP configuration when I ran into a problem. The error during isntallation said “PHP extension “curl” must be loaded.”

If you are trying to install Magento on your localhost with wamp and also have this problem, here is the solution.

  1. Left-Click on the wamp icon in your taskbar
  2. Navigate to PHP
  3. Left-Click php.ini
  4. Next press “Ctrl + F” to search the document and look for “curl” in this document.
    Find the line saying “;extension=php_curl.dll”
  5. Uncomment this line of code by removing the semicolon ;
  6. Save/close the file.
  7. Restart all WAMP services.
  8. Refresh Magento installation page and viola.

Let me know if this helps anyone.

I ran into this little problem after watching Easy E-Commerce With Magento tut over at NetTuts.

I received this error during the installation process: PHP Extension “mcrypt” must be loaded & PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded.